Unique IT Services for Senior Citizens
Unique IT Services for Senior Citizens


SENIOR TECHNOLOGY SUPPORT SERVICES will assist senior citizens in all areas of technology from navigating your smart phone, maintaining your current computer, teaching you how to use your email, researching which camera to buy, to helping you purchase a whole new computer system. We can guide you to

Basic Tech Support

  • Computer Installations, Troubleshooting & Education
  • Basic computer maintenance assistance & coaching to keep your system running efficiently
  • Email assistance-Setup, education
  • Internet navigation training
  • Wireless router installations
  • Printer installations (Inkjet, Thermal or Laser)

Electronic Devices

  • New cell phone purchase
  • Transfer music, pictures from old phone to new phone
  • Learn any function on smart phone (Texting, FaceTime, Google Maps, WiFi Setup, etc.)
  • Cracked screen replacement: Phones or tablets
  • Tech gadget purchase/assistance (TV's, phones, computers, routers, DVD players, Kindle, home theater systems, Bluetooth speakers, headphones, FitBit's, wireless security systems etc.) You name it!


  • Learn how to use any software or website: Microsoft products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Outlook, OneNote) Ebay, Facebook, Amazon, etc.
  • Basic computer security education: Usernames, Passwords, Anti-Virus software, Malware
  • Online shopping: We will show you how to comparison shop & get the best price for anything.
  • Save money on your cable or phone bill by getting the best plan that fits your needs.
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